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Scholars from Hofstra University, US Wrap Up Academic Visit at NISCSS

DATA:2012-7-6 FROM:中国南海研究院


Professor Robert Brinkmann, Director of Sustainability Studies, Professor Grant Saff, Chair of Department of Global Studies and Geography, and Dr. Qiu Ying, Director of China Exchange Project, Hofstra University, the United States, were invited by NISCSS to Hainan to carry out a collaborative research for three weeks.
During their stay at NISCSS, they conducted a joint research project entitled “A comparative study of tourism development models: Hainan, China and Florida, USA ”, with NISCSS. Built on this research project, further research will be extended to the establishment of an Eco-efficiency Indicators Framework to measure resource-use efficiency and the impact of economic activities on the environment and sustainable tourism development in Hainan and the South China Sea.
Three seminars were held during their stay at the institute, including an open talk entitled “Planning a sustainable urban and suburban future for Hainan: Case studies from the United States”, which attracted more than one hundred audience including the policy-makers and urban-planners from the governments at the provincial, city and county levels as well as the academia from the universities in Hainan.